Pond Services

Pond Services

Our pond services help you install, upkeep, and maintain any pond making your task easy and effortless. That means your water garden functions perfectly and exactly as prescribed. Our pond maintenance services include cleaning, repairs, and water treatment, amongst others, to ensure your pond stays in pristine condition.


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Ponds are an excellent addition to any backyard, breathing life into the garden and changing the atmosphere of the lawn with the calming sound of running water. We specialize in the designing, installation, and maintenance of beautiful ponds, waterfalls, and water features. Our range of services for new and existing ponds include:

  • Water Testing/Treatment/Conditioning
  • Vacuuming & Skimming
  • Backwashing
  • Water Changes
  • Filter & Pump Installation
  • Restoration
  • Pond Lighting
  • Pond/Lake Fountains installation
  • Other services on request

We combine experience with professionalism and deliver the perfect pond or water feature for your garden or backyard, ensuring that you can spend as much time as you want to enjoy your pond. We use high-quality materials that are guaranteed to provide unmatched results and an immaculate finished product. Our skilled team members have created various water features, be it a stream, waterfall, fountain, fish pond, or a combination you decide to come up with. If you’re looking for ‘pond services near me,' then look no further. Koi Kompanion offers complete koi pond services.

The Koi Kompanion Way

Koi Kompanion offers high-quality installation and maintenance for ponds and other water features. With installation and maintenance available together, Koi Kompanion is the ideal service for those who want a new water feature on their property and need continued maintenance for existing ponds. At Koi Kompanion, we strive to exceed the expectation of our clients and provide them with a truly unique and beautiful pond that will bring years of joy. And we don’t stop there. We strive to keep their installations complaint-free. We have trained and educated experts who can install and look after the water features. Our focus and commitment to providing excellent service to our clients is what they rely on. With our employees available to guide our clients and make recommendations, we offer complete solutions for ponds, including vacuuming, skimming, water changes, treatment, restoration and lighting, and more!


It all depends on the type of pond you want to build and the location. This also includes the pond's soil suitability, size, and depth. Other factors that need to be considered before starting the installation of a pond are the availability and quality of water and the topography of the area.
Pond water can change color or seem dirty for several reasons. There are various methods to clear and improve the water in your pond. You can use pond water treatments as well as a proper filtration system. Ensure that you are not overfeeding your fish if your pond has some. Aeration can also help improve water quality for a pond with fish.
The time between maintenance varies due to multiple factors that influence its cleanliness. Our team will be able to provide you an estimate based on the previous history of your pond. Call us for a consultation.
Yes. The team at Koi Kompanion will provide quotes and estimates based on your needs and demands. This includes an inspection before starting any work. However, estimates are prone to changes, and the final cost of the service might vary. We will let you know how much it can vary from the outset.
The concentration of nutrients affects the health of a pond. When plant nutrients enter a pond, plant growth increases. The decaying plant material uses up available oxygen, sometimes causing the death of fish and other aquatic life.
Fish gulping for air at the pond's surface is a clear sign that the oxygen level in the pond is too low. Warm water ponds are also prone to having low oxygen as warm water holds less dissolved oxygen than cooler water. Need to get your pond serviced but not so sure if you should be doing it yourself? Reach out to us today!

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