Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning

Ponds are a great addition to the backyards. They enhance your gardens' beauty and help maintain and improve the ecosystem. Unfortunately, pond cleaning is a complex task requiring professional expertise. Who better to give you an estimate than the experts. Wondering, "which is the best pond cleaning company near me?” click below to find out.


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We Keep Your Pond Clean & Healthy

It's important that a pond exudes beauty and supports aquatic life instead of becoming nidus for unwanted bacteria and a health hazard to the aquatic life. Our fish pond cleaning service includes:

  • Carefully removing all water from the pond. At this stage, we also place the fish and aquatic plants into a holding tank to keep them safe.
  • Cleaning out chunks of dirt and debris by hand after emptying the pond.
  • Using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the pond liner.
  • Cleaning all the filters and pumps associated with the pond.
  • Refilling the pond with fresh water while de-chlorinating.
  • Examining the pond a final time, and once we are satisfied with the cleaning, the fish and aquatic plants are placed back into the pond.

Professional Cleaning Means So Much More

Holistic Approach to Cleaning

Our pond cleaning service is a complete package that ensures every factor is considered during the cleaning process. We don’t just clean and de-chlorinate the water. Instead, we incorporate a variety of processes covering all the important features to be cleaned.

Multiple Locations

We now proudly announce that our services are available for homes, offices, and any other facilities you may own in highly attractive packages. With our service in your area, you won't have to constantly google about the top fish pond cleaning service near me. You know it’s us.

Water Feature Cleaning

Our professional cleaners have years' worth of expertise. They use all the tips and tricks they have learned to clean every kind of water feature. Whether it is a Koi fish pond, fountains, or something unique you decided to get installed, we have people for every kind of cleaning.

Affordable Pricing

Being a leading pond cleaning service, we aim to provide a perfectly cleaned pond with ideal living conditions for fish and other aquatic lives. This does not mean you have to break your bank for your fish. We have established an affordable pricing plan so everyone can benefit from our services.

The Koi Kompanion Way

Pond cleaning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Do you know who to choose for this complicated task? Let us tell you why you need the Koi Kompanion edge.
Koi Kompanion has been in the pond cleaning industry for years. Our clients swear by our techniques, and we prioritize their needs over our own profit. When you search “Koi pond cleaning services near me" on Google, you will find our name pop up, and it's not surprising. The amount of thought and work our experts put into cleaning every water feature is proof that we care. We clean the pond and rid it of any harsh growth, dirt, and debris. We use special water pumps and cleaners that are environmentally friendly. We also take special care of the fish and other aquatic life during the transition. Koi Kompanion and pond cleaning are bonded by our customers' trust in us. And every day, we work towards strengthening it.


A pond must be cleaned at least twice every year.
The best times for cleaning ponds are just before the spring and after Autumn. This helps aquatic life bloom to its full extent. When your pond isn't active, it's easier to clean the debris, dead leaves, and dirt.
If you have a lot of algae buildup around the pond, it would be harmful to the life inside. You can increase the water circulation around the edges. You can also use soft brushes to clear any algae buildup. We also recommend hiring a professional pond cleaner since they know how to deal with algae better. You can contact us today and get a free estimate.
No, we take great care of all the fishes and place them in a temporary tank during the process so they aren't harmed.
No, we don't do that, and we don't recommend you do it either. Cleaning the pond without draining the water isn't useful since the dirt and debris will settle on the ground, and just the water's surface will be cleaned.
Don’t worry about that. Our team will guide you and let you know some care tips so you can keep your pond healthy and clean until the next session. Call us today!

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