Fish Pond

Fish Pond

Do you think your backyard needs a little ecosystem of its own? A little excitement and bling to your home wouldn’t hurt. Get a backyard pond installation that brings its own set of uniqueness and calmness to your property.


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Fish Pond Installation

A water garden in your home is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your property. Add an ecosystem and see birds, fishes, and other animals bring a blend of fun and curiosity into your home.
A pond installation brings fun and joy to family and children alike. Our teams have expertise in building small, medium, and large-sized ponds depending on your requirements with no trial and error.
We believe in doing the most natural and fitting fish pond installation that does not harm your property. We build you a pond with a solid concrete base to keep water from leaking under your property. If you decide to get a koi pond installation, we ensure that your fish remain safe within your pond without leakage or dying out. All our clients are entitled to in-depth consultations, and we take time to advise them on the best course of action depending on their garden’s depth and space. Our teams provide a garden hose, bio falls, and pond skimmer with the pond installation. We excavate your pond at the desired level, so the entire pond looks natural with shelves and levels. Upon your request, we can add underwater LED lighting and accessories such as rock, pumps, and filters to create the right aura.

Less Maintenance, Greater Returns

Traditional Koi Pond

Koi ponds are highly sought after, almost a cult favorite. They originate from Japanese Ornamental carp. These ponds are generally three feet deep or more to allow Koi enough space to grow and thrive in the water.

Ornamental Fish Pond

Our signature ornamental fish pond is small in size, approximately 1000 square feet. They are a good option for Koi fish and other ornamental fish as they reflect the clear water quality, show off green plants and are made for the purpose of ornamentation. Talk to our experts for the right fish recommendations for this pond installation.

Recreational Fish Pond

If you are looking to build a fish pond for fun activities either at your home or commercial property, we have some designs and layouts that may suit this very purpose. Tell us the kind of activity you intend to have, as fish ponds for fishing, feeding, or mating are each designed uniquely.

Got a different idea?

We love hearing from our clients. At Koi Kompanion, we do not just build standard fish ponds; we create something new with every project. We love having a detailed discussion about your vision for your pond. We then build a plan that fits your creative fish pond needs. Share your ideas and keep us on our creative toes.

The Koi Kompanion Way

Our services help build a habitable backyard pond for your Koi fish and other pond life. We know your main goal is to beautify your backyard pond and maintain it. Our staff is trained to offer just that. You can tell us how you envision your backyard with a pond, and we will make sure to make it and keep it that way. We have been a one-stop solution to build and create natural-looking ponds for years. Gone are the days when you would stress about building a pond without any damage. Our expert services ensure we work on your property without causing even a scratch. Are you looking for a reliable pond installation service and have never had a pond installed before? Get in touch with us and get an in-depth first free consultation.


Although the depth may vary with other factors, as a rule of thumb, your fish should be able to swim and survive in the depth you provide it, which is generally 18 to 24 inches deep. This depth will enable fish to survive in mild winters. However, if you live in colder countries with harsh climates, your pond should approximately be 30-inch-deep, so the water does not freeze till the bottom.
One of the best places for a pond installation is near the window. We spend most of the time indoors, so it is better that the pond is in a clear view. However, it is best if you place the pond in a sunny location.
The pond size depends on the space available for it. Most people build small ponds in their homes at first; however, they add in more ponds when they realize they have enough space. Our experts will measure the space and give you estimates for the size of the pond ideal for your garden.
Yes, Koi Kompanion can help you with seaming tape to install liners. However, ensure that the liners are super clean for adhesion. We advise our clients to avoid seaming liners and buy large liners instead.
Yes, absolutely, since at least 50 percent of the water should be circulated in one hour. If the pond water does not circulate, it starts stagnating and attracting pests and harmful microbes. Waterfalls allow good bacteria to grow and help convert dangerous ammonia into harmless nitrates.
Experts at Koi Kompanion will help you place the waterfall into your pond in the most apt place, so you need not worry about the water circulation. However, ensure your pond liners are under the waterfall stones allowing water to go back into the pond. Call us for a detailed consultation on the quotes and arrangement of a waterfall in a pond!

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