Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Healthy pond environments, friendly fish, and blooming plants offer tranquility and calm. Maintaining these ponds as such is what makes it all of the above. If you are looking for Koi pond maintenance services, or have a fishless pond that needs upkeep, look no further.


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We Help Your Pond Stay Healthy

Your pond’s inhabitants suffer if you do not clean it regularly, resulting in a massive die-off or contaminated water quality. To avoid this, consistent pond maintenance is required, and it is better left to the specialists. Our comprehensive Ponds Maintenance Services cover:

  • Cleaning and inspecting the filter systems
  • Keeping the water quality in check
  • Controlling weeds and removing them
  • Removing surface debris
  • Adding water supplements to keep and promote a healthy pond
  • Recommending best practices to ensure the pond stays healthy

We are available round-the-clock for pond maintenance services. If you are looking to get your pond cleaned and maintained, call us and get a consult.

Maintaining a Pond is No Fishy Matter

Testing the Pond Water

The quality of your pond's water is vital for the fish's health. Most fish, including Koi, can not stand dirty water. They get sick and disrupt the pond's ecosystem. We test pond water to ensure that nitrites, phosphates, pH, ammonia, hardness, alkalinity, salinity, and dissolved oxygen levels are balanced.

Algae Removal

If the water in your pond appears green or has a buildup, it may contain harmful algae. Our experts remove algae and control other weeds from building up in ponds using chemical and non-chemical methods. We use algaecides, UV clarifiers, and ionizers.

Pond Repair

There can be an unfortunate leak or a break in your pond. Our experts can repair your pond quickly. Our trained crew handles all unfortunate events, including troubleshooting, water feature difficulties, leak issues, and pond wall repair.

Fish Health Consultation

Your main priority is the health of the fish in your pond. Anything adverse signifies damage to the ecosystem. Keep an eye on your fish's activity and habits. If you observe anything strange, consult with our skilled ichthyologist to get answers to your fish problems.

The Koi Kompanion Way

We appreciate your love of ponds and fish. We love them too. At Koi Kompanion, we offer pond design, installation, and maintenance at reasonable and cost-effective pricing. We bring your vision of beauty, serenity, and calm to live. Whether it is your home or workplace, we maintain ponds to suit your personality and surroundings. At Koi Kompanion, we have a premium selection of beautiful ponds, aquarium fish, and plants for you to add to your tanks and water gardens. If you are looking for a Koi pond maintenance, Koi Kompanion is your go-to.
Taking a no-hassle approach, we provide a solution to your "pond maintenance services near me" issue. We provide maintenance for ponds, pondless waterfalls, streams, and advice on keeping your fish healthy.


Every month, do regular maintenance by cleaning out the pumps and filters, removing fallen leaves and debris, and watching out for algae. Annually, you must perform a thorough cleaning that would necessitate the services of a professional. Call us for a consult on what services you may need annually.
Autumn is the perfect time to thoroughly clean a pond. Because your pond's inhabitants will be less active, autumn is the optimum time to contact a pond maintenance team and have your pond cleaned and maintained.
If your pond is going green, it is probably because you have harmful algae that are turning it green and polluting it. The best course of action is to use an algaecide to remove the algae. It will clear the algae but will not prevent it from growing again. You would need to engage a pond maintenance company to effectively limit algae growth in your pond.
If you have a small pond, you should test the water quality twice a week. If you have a large pond, once a week is plenty. If your pond is new, it is a good idea to test the water every few days to keep track of the chemical levels.
Change 10% of the water in your pond once a week. If you notice any problems while testing the water, try a 15%-20% water change.
If you add additional water to your pond, make sure you dechlorinate it before introducing fish or plants. Regular water contains a high concentration of chlorine and sulfates, which can be hazardous to the health of your pond.

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