Pond Fountains

Pond Fountains

Looking for ways to spice up your pond? There is no better way than installing a fountain. What is interesting about pond fountains is you can have them in your Koi ponds too. Turn your backyard into a personal heaven with a pond fountain.


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Pond Fountain Supplies

We have you covered when it comes to fountain supplies for your pond. We offer:

  • Pond Fountain Heads and Tubing
  • Fountain Pumps
  • Fountain Cleaners
  • Maintenance Liquids and Accessories
  • Floating Fountain Lights
  • Floating Fountain for pond
  • Spillway and Kits
  • and much more

Our brand strives to provide the best pond fountain service and products and supplies in the industry. Whether you are new to the world of water features or a pond enthusiast, we meet and exceed your expectations at every turn. Our comprehensive selection of fountain supplies will allow you to build, maintain, and enhance your water features, be it one with or without fish.

The Convenience of Fountains

Aerate your Pond

Fountains create movement, which oxygenates your pond. If your pond is suffering from poor water quality, resulting in odors and green water, and so on, it is likely your pond lacks proper aeration.

Reduce Algae and Insects

Adding a fountain will take care of algae and insects almost in and of itself. Believe it or not, algae and insects can impact your pond's ecosystem, affecting your fish.

Healthier Fish

More oxygen and fewer pests create a well-maintained pond. Your fish will live long and healthy lives. Most importantly, you will not have to worry about your fish dying.

Reduced Sediment Build-up

The last thing you need is for your pond to see an increase in sediment build-up. Sediment build-up can lead to pond sludge consisting of organic materials like silt, clay, and sand. Moving water keeps the base of the pond clean.

The Koi Kompanion Way

Koi Kompanion has become synonymous with pond fountains of all kinds, just like we are with Koi fish. We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, which should explain why we come highly recommended.
After serving the industry for a while, we have developed a unique insight into the mechanics of providing the best pond fountain services possible. Furthermore, we emphasize training and empowering our staff, which explains why they are incredibly professional and efficient with their dealings. These are a few of the several factors that give Koi Kompanion an edge in delivering phenomenal services.
So, if you are looking for pond fountains near me, then Koi Kompanion is who you can rely on for your requirements.


Depending on the size, pond fountains can cost anywhere from $125 to $10,000. For an exact estimate, you can book a consultation with us.
Yes. Fountains create movement in the water, which functions much like the natural movement of water in lakes and seas. The benefits of natural water movement are manifold. Water fountains get rid of the nutrients that promote algae growth. They also aerate and oxygenate the pond while keeping pests out of the pond.
Better water quality controls algae growth, eliminates foul odors, improves the fish's quality of life, decreases insect activity, and reduces sediment build-up.
A pond has to be at least six feet deep.
Fountains are usually an outdoor feature. Not all fish like the outdoors, so you will have to be careful about the type of fish you get for your fountain. For instance, Goldfish and Koi can be an excellent choice for your fountain.
A pond usually forms a natural reservoir for a waterfall. It would be a personal choice. If you have a pond big enough to have a waterfall and a fountain feature attached to it aesthetically, there is no harm in using both features. If you are unsure how this may look, give us a call, and we will sort this out for you!

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