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Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish?

If you were planning on keeping goldfish and betta fish, you need to think twice. The two types of fish are the complete opposite of one another and should not be paired in one tank. If you want to learn more about why the two fish types can’t be kept together, then read on to know more.

Water Temperature

There are a ton of reasons why betta fish cannot live with goldfish. For starters, betta fish originate from Thailand, meaning they prefer the tropical warmth found in these regions with a water temperature between 78-89 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, goldfish prefer cooler water temperatures and are uncomfortable with anything higher than 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


Goldfish tend to produce a lot of waste, which can cause an increase in ammonia levels in the water. Ammonia is toxic to other fish and the betta is especially averse to high ammonia concentration in water. Since goldfish dirty their water quickly, their water needs to be replaced more often. This can be problematic since the frequent water changes can stress out betta fish.


Goldfish are quite the fin nippers, and this will not sit well with betta fish with their beautiful, delicate fins. Also, when betta fish get irritable, they can be quite aggressive in response.

Betta fish are known for their aggression, and this is not a good thing for goldfish as they are docile in nature, even though they can grow to be much bigger than betta fish. 


It is worth noting goldfish and betta fish have entirely different diets as well. While betta fish are carnivores, goldfish are omnivores. So, betta fish consume small insects, while goldfish require protein as well as vegetation.

Bottom Line

You may have come across videos or heard stories about betta fish and goldfish coexisting, but the factors mentioned above clearly illustrate why it is a bad idea to keep the two fish in the same tank. Goldfish are notorious fin nippers, while betta fish can be quite aggressive too.

Apart from their temperaments, goldfish and betta fish are the complete opposite. Take, for instance, how betta fish thrive in warm water while goldfish like the cold. Goldfish are messy; betta fish are relatively clean and produce much less waste. You will need a 5-10-gallon tank for betta fish; goldfish require double that size of tank.

If you wish to find a tank mate for your betta fish, you are better off not looking for one. Betta fish are better off alone. However, if you want more fish, you should consider keeping goldfish, especially since they are not loners and can gel in with other types of fish. If there is an emergency, you could place the two fish together for a short time, but it’s better to avoid letting these two fish share the same tank. So, your betta are better left alone in their own little aquarium.

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