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How do I make my Fish Tank Water Crystal Clear

Maintaining crystal clear water can be quite a challenge for aquarium owners because the water tends to become cloudy. There are multiple reasons behind the cloudy and grey-toned color that appears in the aquarium. It could be due to the residue of gravel, or perhaps some of the contents you dissolved in the aquarium.

In this article, we will take a look at tips to keep your fish tank as clear as possible.

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Clean up the Gravel

Gravel residues are a major reason behind cloudy or greyish waters. If the water turns cloudy or grey immediately after you fill-up the tank, it’s because of the gravel residue. You simply have to wash out the gravel residue to make the water crystal clear. Start by draining out the tank, and rinse out all the gravel until the water in the tank is clear. That should help take care of the grey tones.

Water Treatment

If rinsing out gravel residues doesn’t help, the cloudiness is probably due to a high concentration of dissolved particles in the freshly filled tank. These dissolved elements include heavy metals, phosphates and silicates. You need to perform a water test to examine the pH levels.

If the pH is high, you need to treat the fish tank with water conditioners to restore the crystal clear color. You can also use the Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, which will clear up the cloudy water and benefit the aquarium environment immensely.

Debris Removal

If you don’t clean up the fish tank regularly, there is likely to be a great deal of debris, dust particles, decaying plants and uneaten fish food. Be sure to vacuum the gravel and clean out the debris regularly. It is important to eliminate all debris and clean out your aquarium to avoid polluting the environment.

Regular water changes will also help you maintain crystal clear water. If debris tends to accumulate quickly, consider cutting back on feeding on alternative days to reduce the food-related debris. If you are unable to remove certain debris particles by vacuuming and water changes, you can use a flocculant or water clarifier to clean them out.

Reduce the Light

If your aquarium is brimming with green water, excessive algae growth is the culprit, and it isn’t easy to get rid of algae. The treatment depends on the cause of excessive algae growth. In most cases, if the aquarium is placed in the path of sunlight or direct artificial light exposure, it encourages the growth of algae. You can fix this issue by reducing the light or keeping the aquarium away from sunlight.

In many cases, the cloudy water does not emerge immediately after setting up the fish tank. It occurs weeks or even months after setting up, and this happens because of bacterial bloom.

You see, it is a natural part of the break-in cycle when you set up a new fish tank or aquarium, and it is perfectly normal for the water to become hazy and unclear. This cloudiness will go away on its own. Just be sure to regularly clean the fish tank, dispose of the debris and residues, and conduct water treatments frequently.

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