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Assorted Crowntail Betta


The Crowntail betta is a unique fish who’s fins flare off and look like spikes. Betta fish are the number one choice for beginners because of their huge variety of colors and ease of care. Male betta’s tend to be aggressive and are typically kept alone or with certain bottom dwellers such as Mystery snails . We recommend a tank of at least 3 gallons, a heater, and filtration. Betta’s have what is known as a labyrinth organ which allows them to breathe in oxygen from the air, eliminating the need for additional aeration. Some gravel, a few hearty plants such as Anubias, and low water flow will make for a happy environment for your betta to thrive. Bettas are not picky eaters and will enjoy flake, pellets, freeze dried, frozen, and live foods. Average size upon arrival will be 1.5”-2”.