Carla D. Pond Build

Cllient Name: Carla D

City: Ruskin

From The Client:

I am so happy with Koi Kompanion and my pond!! Chris and Nick were knowledgeable, professional, patient and there to answer any questions I had. My pond turned out amazing and it is my happy oasis after work!

Carla had built a few small ponds on her own before reaching out to us. Her biggest concern when we started to design her pond was a pond that will last a lifetime. She says she loves to sit out front and watch all of her fish swim around for hours at a time, It’s a relaxing oasis after a long day of work. We worked with her to create the perfect natural rock style pond that was exactly what she was envisioning. When creating her waterfall, she wanted to be reminded of home, the small Georgia creeks with lots of pebbles and fast-moving water with a multi-level creek to give it the most natural look possible.