Michael S. Pond Build

Cllient Name: Michael S.

City: Sarasota

From The Client:

I don't often post reviews, but felt this one was well deserved. The short (TLDR) version is, these guys were well worth the investment and I am beyond happy. They were professional, friendly, and good at what they do.

My project was not straight forward, and had a lot of logistical complications that they had to accommodate. The placement of the pond was difficult to access with equipment, and to make it worse, it was wedged between an area of bamboo that I didnt want damaged or cut down, and a large pine tree whose roots I didn't want to disturb. When it was time to bring in the excavator, Nick and Chris finessed it where they needed it while moving one piece of bamboo out of the way at a time. I know what a hassle that was, but it was important to me, and they did it without complaint.

For the design and build itself, it was definitely custom, and they built it into the space perfectly. You can tell the passion they have for their work because they approached it like a piece of art, constantly stepping back and picturing the flow of everything. They also accommodated ideas I brought up, like a cave and shallow shelf, and made it all work with the design. They never appeared to be frustrated by my interjections or questions.

Something that seems small, but was big to me - every day, they cleaned up fully. All their trash, all the extra materials and tools, everything, even if they would be back the next morning. I have had contractors do much smaller projects with much more damage and mess. Their small team treated my yard, my house, and me with a ton of respect. They even reinstalled the portion of fence that needed to come down for the equipment to come in.

They did not take short cuts, did not nickle and dime me, and never pressured me despite it taking months between the consultation and me pulling the trigger to go forward. They even arranged to meet me at their shop after hours to accommodate my schedule for me to see some examples before signing the contract. After everything was done, they have continued to be great - they have helped me pick fish and plants, and have continued servicing the pond regularly.

If I could hire them to do other jobs, I would in a heart beat. It is rare anymore to find people who take the care they do, who are passionate and skilled at what they do, and have integrity. So, thank you Koi Kompanion!

When we met Michael during the initial consultation, he had so many questions and ideas from start to finish and our design team really enjoyed working with him. We tried our best to listen to everything he wanted and gave input on how best to fit it into the design of the pond, to keep the natural look and have all the features Michael wanted. It was important to Michael that the pond maintained its natural look while also give the koi plenty of places to hid from any pesky predators! Michael tells us he can’t stay away from his backyard now as he loves to spend time with his fish, he has named them and some even come to him when he calls their names!